The passion and brotherhood the Bucks learn on the pitch translates to and improves our everyday lives and our roles in the greater Atlanta community. Since our founding, we have reached out to and connected with thousands of people across the region. Our aim is not just to be a competitive rugby club, but to show through example that the sport of rugby welcomes everyone. Our team is made up of all types of men who love the game of rugby. Men and women alike are a vital part of our auxiliary. Everybody is welcome at the Atlanta Bucks.


We are always looking for new athletes to join our Club. The best place to start is at any practice, or with a "Rugby 101" session, which is held by the Atlanta Bucks twice each year. This is a good chance to learn the basics, test your skill level, and see if you like the game. The club aims to increase our competitive standing, so some athletic ability is a good thing. Our auxiliary members provide vital support to the team and are full members of the club, so there are many ways to join us. You can also email us at with other questions.


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